"What exactly do you do?"

It’s not uncommon for someone to ask one of our family members, “what exactly do you guys do? What all do you sell?”  That question is usually followed up by a sideways smile and a “well, we do a little bit of everything!”

Over the years our family has dabbled in just about everything you can imagine. From working in education, managing lumber companies, dealing in music production sales, custom installations, and carpentry trades, we often joke about being the Swiss army knife of the work life. Truth of that matter is, we are passionate people, and we are even more passionate ABOUT the people we serve.

Custom Signs

One of our most popular products is our custom signs. We have a wide variety of signs ready for purchase in our store, or we can custom make something for you of your liking. Usually it’s as simple as showing us a picture of something you like and we recreate it. Don’t have a picture? No sweat, our team of designers can put together something for you! Signs can be made in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Vinyl T-Shirt Design

We also custom print vinyl designs and sayings on t-shirts. One of the best selling points for many on our shirts is that there is no minimal shirt order purchase. We have several t-shirts in stock with designs on them ready to buy, or bring your saying and design and we will create it for you! We welcome all businesses, schools, event coordinators, etc.

Custom Wood Furniture

We have furniture pieces we sell in store and we have an exclusive partnership with Cohen Creek, a custom furniture builder, mostly dealing with farmhouse decor, such as farm tables, living room furniture, tv consoles and much more. Have something you want us to build for you? Come in and see us and we will get you taken care of right away!

Cups, Mugs and More

If you can put vinyl on it, we can probably do it!  We have specialty mugs, cups and other small items we can customize with your saying or pick up an already premade gift today. We also provide vinyl window treatments and application for your business or vehicles.

Visit our store in person

To get the full experience of what Southern Heritage Place is about and what all we do, drop in and say hello. We would love to meet you and see if we can help you with your next project or gift. There’s no telling what you may find in store…